More than 3,000 actors applied!

High-ranking applications

Since we advertised for actors for our upcoming movie, Josh Taylor's Prom Date, more than 3,000 hopeful actors have applied for one or more of our lead roles.
"Josh Taylor's Prom Date" is a full-length, American feature film, but is produced by this small company in Fredrikstad, Norway.
Among the applicants, we can find several high ranking actors from Hollywood blockbuster movies.

Optioned the script

A couple of years ago, Golden Touch Film got an option for the script written by Ashley Scott Meyers and Nathan Ives. Since then, a lot of work has been done to secure the production process of this movie. We have been working with highly experienced people so far, and are confident that we will move forward as expected.

Currently casting

Casting is currently an ongoing process, and we're hoping to find the lead actors in this movie. More than 3,000 actors have applied, and a lot of them are extremely talented, which has made us positive that this will be a great, funny movie that people will love to watch again and again!

We do feel that a lot of the last high school comedies that have been made have been focusing too much on the sex-aspect, and have had really poor acting. This is exactly the opposite of what we're doing, and we're trying to go back to the old spirit of these movies where the acting is great, the story is fun, and the overall feeling the audience gets is that they have spent their money on something worth watching.

Crowdfunding campaign

Next week, we are starting our IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign to try and level up this movie even more so we can make the best high school comedy that has been made in decades! Some of the perks will be "Get your snapchat in the movie", "Dine with the Stars", and "Keep the car"!
So keep an eye out for this campaign that will launch on August 4th 2016.